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Advanced Bedding

Why Digital Number Control?
The digital display will allow you to adjust the mattress from 0 to 40 mm/Hg. This pressure monitoring scale is used world wide within the medical profession to measure the pressure against the human body. It is widely accepted throughout the medical profession that any prolonged pressure against the human body above 32 mm/Hg will reduce blood flow in the areas that exceed 32 mm/Hg. This highly advanced Intelligent-Air Sleep Technology control system will constantly display the internal pressure of the air chamber. The control system will not let you over inflate the system and therefore has a maximum pressure of 40. Once you have reached this point it will not allow you to add any additional air pressure to the mattress. Please note that if you fill the mattress to the maximum level of 40 while you are off of the mattress and then lie down on the mattress you will find that the pressure displayed is now beyond the 40. It is also important to know that as the air temperature changes the internal pressure of the air chamber changes slightly as well. When you first inflate a large amount of air in the air chambers the air is warm from being compressed and pushed through the pumping system. As it cools and reaches room temperature the pressure will fall slightly and you may need to adjust it once more before you reach your favorite setting. You may also notice slight changes of the pressure displayed on the remote control which are caused by changes in the room temperature. In fact, you may notice that the display reads slightly higher after a nights sleep. This is caused by your body heat heating the air contained in the air chambers.

To adjust the mattress to your desired comfort level. First, while lying on the mattress use the hand control to adjust the firmness to your desired comfort level. Note: while the mattress is inflating the numbers will bounce around due to the fact that the air being transferred from the pump to the mattress has not been equalized. Once you stop inflating the mattress the pressure will equalize within a second and the proper pressure reading will be displayed. The digital display will constantly read and display the internal pressure of the air chambers. You will notice that when you change positions, exit or enter the bed that the numbers displayed will change. Once you have chosen your desired comfort level you can save that setting to one of the two memory settings. This is accomplished by pressing and holding one of the memory buttons until it begins to flash. Once the number begins to flash you can release the button because it has now memorized that pressure setting. You can also repeat this process with the remaining memory button. If you should ever choose to change the memory settings you may do so by repeating the above steps.

Why Air?
For years patients in nursing centers and hospitals have benefited from the comforting effects of sleeping on air mattresses. By contouring and adjusting to your body's individual shape, Our air mattresses can actually reduce painful pressure points which can cause you to constantly toss and turn all night. This pressure reduction allows you to have a more restful and a much healthier night's sleep.

Why Adjust?
By simple pressing a button you can increase or decrease the firmness level on each side of the mattress independently. This allows you to adjust the mattress to your comfort level while your partner adjusts the mattress to their comfort level. This eliminates the need for you to compromise your comfort for the benefit of your partner.